About Irish Spa Hotels.ie

Irishspahotels.ie represents a showcase for the top tier of quality hotels in Ireland which offer superior spa facilities and treatments for their guests.

As an Irish company with many years of experience working closely with hotels throughout Ireland our principal objective is to increase awareness among visitors of the full range of excellence and variety that Irish hotels provide. Where spas are concerned, Irish hotels have invested heavily in facilities, treatment modules and specialist personnel to ensure that their guests have the opportunity to partake in an emerging and increasingly sophisticated experience of wellness, relaxation and reinvigoration.

Irishspahotels.ie aims to connect clients to this experience by presenting feature hotels that have achieved recognition within the Irish hospitality industry through high quality service attainment and a keen customer-orientated focus.

Connecting to a positive experience, connecting to quality is a task that has become progressively easier by virtue of the excellent spa facilities now available in Irish hotels and the calibre of the professional therapists providing a first class service to a growing and increasingly committed group of wellness seekers.

Added to this is the fact that all the hotels featured on Irishspahotels.ie invariably have strong and successful management teams that consistently deliver on client satisfaction and high standards.

Satisfaction, standards, spas and a wonderful stay in a premier Irish hotel is everything that we are about. So "About Us" are two words that says a lot to explain our approach, intention, commitment and objectives. In simple terms, 'seeking the best, being the best, providing the best.

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