Frequently Asked Questions

Booking in Advance
It is always advisable to book your spa treatment sessions well in advance. Although you may have secured an accommodation booking with your hotel, the spa may already be heavily booked for the time of your stay. Contact the spa reception early to reserve your treatments and avoid disappointment.

Arriving for Your Appointment
Try and arrive about 10 to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. Treatments are usually organised to begin exactly at your appointment time, and arriving with time to spare will facilitate the start of your treatment session.

If you need to cancel or amend your appointment, contact the spa reception staff as early as possible. You will have been advised of the Terms and Conditions of the particular hotel and its spa at the time of booking, and you should refer to this to assist you with the cancellation process.

Clothes - What to Wear
Bathrobe, slippers and towels are usually provided for your spa visits. Otherwise, you should also bring clothing such as swimsuit and sportswear, and attire for other leisure activities you may be planning. If yoga or fitness classes are part of your programme, ensure that you pack suitable, light clothing for comfort.

Personal Privacy
Your personal privacy will at be respected at all times by the spa staff. Many treatments require your therapist to work in a focused manner on different areas of your body, but the therapist will do so employing draping to ensure that you feel totally comfortable. You should also be mindful to be discreet in the presence of other spa clients through decorous dress in the use of bathrobe or towel draping.

Social Communication
Within the spa facilities it worth remembering that other clients will seek a personal experience where they enjoy a quite and undisturbed time with their own thoughts. For this reason it is better to avoid intrusive conversation with those whose preference is for personal solitude rather than active interaction with others. People will naturally want to be friendly, but look for social cues as to whether someone else wants to engage in conversation and to what extent. If you yourself are a spa-goer with a preference for little or no conversation, be sure to communicate this to your therapist at the beginning of treatment. You will not hurt anyone's feelings by being direct as your therapist knows that many clients need inner focus and quiet.

What to Avoid
If in conversation with others be always conscious of other users. Don't talk loudly as this will disturb fellow clients. If you wish to talk, speak softly. Above all, be certain to have your mobile phone turned off. The idea is to take a break from the busy world - not to invite it in to a place reserved for quiet relaxation.

Your Spa Therapist
Your spa therapist will be able to explain the benefits and effects of each treatment, and will be able to advise you on the choice best suited to your specific needs. You can expect that your therapist will be appropriately qualified and experienced, as well as knowledgeable on the therapeutic actions of treatments and products that are in use in the spa. The spa reception staff will be happy to provide details of the professional qualifications of their therapists should you wish to enquire at the time of booking.

Special Diets
If you have special diet requirements or they are part of your spa's healthy eating programme you can discuss this with the spa staff. They will liase with the hotel's kitchen staff to arrange for all your dietary requirements and special cuisine.