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Reiki Healing

The first question most people will ask when they hear the term is -- what exactly is Reiki ? To explain it simply, Reiki is an ancient, powerful but gentle form of hands-on energy healing which was 'rediscovered' in Japan about 100 years ago. Since its introduction in Ireland some twenty years ago, it has become an increasingly popular way to relax, de-stress, treat illnesses and promote general wellbeing.

What can Reiki treat ?

It is part of our natural state that we look and work towards perfect health. Unfortunately, sometimes we just don’t possess enough energy to reach that perfect place. We need something or some intervention that will help us to get there. That is why clients look to Reiki to provide that boost or impetus. Reiki can help us to rectify disorders that have arisen within us whether they relate to our bodies, minds or spirits.

In our lives, many events can affect us and these in turn can cause our energy to deplete, sometimes to a serious extent. If this happens, our energy fields can become disturbed and “blocks” and “leaks” can occur which may result in illness, exhaustion, depression, pain and other afflictions. Instinctively, our minds and bodies know how to respond and act in a way to heal and undo any harm that we may have suffered. The problem that we can face is that we sometimes lack the power for this response and healing action to work properly to restore our good health. This is where Reiki helps by giving your energy a “boost” so that it can proceed with its natural tendency to self-correct.

What Happens in a Reiki Session ?

If you have never experienced a Reiki healing before you will probably wonder about what it exactly involves and what happens during a session. Basically, as the client, you will lie relaxed, fully clothed on a plinth.

The Reiki therapist will then place her hands gently on your body, or alternatively she may keep her hands just a little bit above your body. In this way, the therapist will act to channel the Reiki energy through herself and into her hands, allowing it then to flow from there to your body, usually through your ankles, knees, hips, stomach, chest, wrists, elbows, shoulders and head. In my own practice, the format may vary at times as I am always conscious of the individual client, and so I am careful to be guided by what your body needs.

Every healing is special to the individual client. Some of the usual sensations that you may experience are heat, cold or pins-and-needles. Perhaps you may experience no sensation at all. However, it is important to be aware that the energy will act either way to create its own healing work irrespective of any sensations you may or may not feel.

Most people say that they find healings to be profoundly calming, and many fall asleep during them. A single healing can be deeply relaxing, and can heal the more recent disorders. However, I usually recommend 4-6 sessions to heal longer-established or more severe problems.

Once your health is restored, regular maintenance healings -- about once a month -- will keep your energy balanced and your immune system strong.

Who can Benefit from Reiki ?

Over the years, I have had a lot of positive feedback from clients, many who feel they have benefited greatly from the treatments. A common experience often mentioned is the warm, safe and confidential space that people felt was created around them during their treatment sessions.

Everyone can benefit from Reiki. When using this powerful energy, healing always takes place. However, your Inner Wisdom, or Soul, is always in control of where the healing energy goes first, and so decides on the order in which your healing takes place. Always remember that your Inner Wisdom can see a much greater picture than your conscious mind can.

I find that Reiki also works very well for babies and children. The Reiki Energy will flow at a gentle pace to match the child’s own energy. Babies and children work very quickly as they don’t have years of “pattern build-up” or conditioning to get through, they often only need one or two sessions.

Reiki always flows to where it is most needed in the body. It is a positive, vital energy that stimulates good health and counters illness. It is a therapeutic action that works on the whole person creating a sense of wellbeing, security and peace. In every sense, it connects to the essence of that extraordinary healing power that exists within each and everyone of us.

Alison Byrne
Alison Byrne
As well as being a respected practitioner and teacher of healing and spiritual practises, Alison Byrne is also regularly in demand as a contributor to radio and TV programmes. She currently has a weekly phone-in slot with Newstalk's 'Your Call' with Brenda Power. Alison operates her practices from the Dublin Holistic Centre, 16 Wicklow St., and also from the Sunshine Medical Centre, 71 Middle Abbey St., Dublin. You can contact her directly by phone at +353-86-3304357. Further details on Reiki and other treatments can be found on her informative website,
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